Friday, December 16, 2011

Rombongan Cik Kiah Ke Pulau Langkawi

Spent the first week of my holiday at my kampung. And few days in Langkawi with my uncle,his family and Opah. Aaaand also few other mak ciks who work for my uncle. Kinda like a year end kompeni vacation.

Mak Ciks + Langkawi = No beach, just pinggan mangkuk shopping.

There were 13 Mak Ciks, 14 including Opah so its safe to say that this trip is solely for shopping. But we still managed to squeezed in few tourist attractions in between those money spending fiesta.

Last time i went to Langkawi i was around 6-7 years old. So i was pleasantly surprised dengan pembangunan pesat pulau peranginan ini. But there's this one little problem;

Yep,that is the famous Dataran Lang at night. The lampu around this place were not working. So with that little amount of spotlight left you could easily mistaken that helang for a giant chicken. According to one of the shopowner at that area, majlis daerah tengah buat wiring. And this wiring has been going on since raya. Im guessing these people doing the wiring are melayu.

We also went to the cable car ride. It's a highest cable car ride in Asia or something, so this holiday season expect hundreds of people queuing up for this one.

Opah has never been on any cable car her entire life, and she's quite afraid of height.

Siap keluar tisu lap airmata haha. At one point she prayed out " ya Allah selamatkanlah anak cucuku" hahahahaha. Drama queen much? -__-" Doa suruh selamatkan anak cucu padahal dia yang takut lebih tehee.

Among other places that we went to ialah Galeri Perdana. Still the same after all these years. Just exhibition of stuff that people/other gomen gave to Mahathir during his years as PM. Some of the stuff are quite awesome,some i think are stored there just because Tun Hasmah couldnt find any empty shelf at their home.

- a horse carriage from the Argentinian government

Collection of dolls pemberian the more cheapskate governments;

Random fact: do you know that now you have to pay 5 ringgit to enter Makam Mahsuri? I didnt know this at first but wow this place has changed a lot.

Despite having to pay 5 ringgit, you still have to pay extra 30sen to use their toilet. Dahlah toilet kotor gilak bayar 30sen tu tak tau lah ke mana hala nya.

On the first day of shopping spree we went to Idaman Suri, a huge mall selling stuff that only can be appreciated by Surirumah. Hence the name of the mall. Those makciks went crayyyyyzeyyy. They're like a bunch of fat kids in a candy shop.

Opah was no exception.This is her,trying to rationalize her purchase of 3 sudips.

And yos truli was her PA for that day,carrying her shopping basket while she went oohh ahhh over some frying pan and kuali steam.

On the second day of shopping spree;

At the end of the day all the makciks datang dengan satu beg, pulang dengan satu gedung barang perkakas dapur.


CikHanim said...

Sekali sekala jadi cucu budiman apa salahnya! haha

~ Cik Azz Abu Bakar ~ said...

Akak lom pnh pegi Langkawi.. Sadisnya la haii... Kadang2 teringin nak pergi, tapi lepas tu jadi malas la pulak nak jalan jauh2 ni... ehehh..

Untung Opah masih kuat berjalan...

Ailya said...

makciks itu tahu cakap english! #okay tak baik memperlekeh kebolehan makciks.ehem

CikNurul said...

grandson yg cool =)

Miss Fireflies said...

i heard that wasn't a real makam mahsuri.a tourist guide told us when we went there last year..he showed us the real makam is beside the fake one...i dont know.

Hannah Haykhall said...

comel nye makcik-makcik.

haha, tak dapat bayangkan bila kita akan jadi macam makcik-makcik tu. Haihsh.

Tefal, Correll, Vantage, Tupperware semua tuh my mum pun dok sama 'hunting'..


yeah, finally you're ack. your opah is so funny and cute. :D

Dylla Fadzil said...

last time i went to langkawi, masatu umur 8tahun. sigh.

kreepykrunchy said...

makcik2..tak tudung periuk,they will going crazy about baju and stuff..

yummien straggy said...

amboii gelang opah,meghelip dari kejauhan..haha!

lynnaiza said...

homaii..hatim,ur opah seriuslyyy cute!hahahaha.
xoxo utk opah ah.hahaha.

baideway,same ah.last time jejak langkawi time skolah rendah tak tadika dulu.tah bila nak pegi lagi..phewww..

[i.l.y.a] said...

Ya Allah selamatkanlah anak cucuku sambil air mata bergenang.

comel gila

BisMi Aishah said...

comel ;)

najihatussolehah said...

ala comelnye opah...:)

Fatimah Zahra' said...

salam.. dah berbulan tak blogwalking sampai sini, tapi hari ni hati diketuk nak jenguk sekejap. bila bukak je blog ni waa... macam nak kena heart attack..

maaflaa ye, saya terkejut tengok header blog ni.. rasenye sorang tu (yg sebaya saya umo 18 nak masuk 19) classmate saya dulu.. haha.. kecik dunia ni..

oh ye, tolong kirim salam kat paip, kalu betullah tu dia.


mvp_dina13 said...


cik azz, sori 2 say, d dah x mau p lgkawi n kuchg dh.
its kind of muak & i can bet(yakin kuoot~) peta both places!
plez, jgn pegi tmpt2 uh lbh dr 10 kali.
its enough!

puteriyangsenyum said...

hahahaha. opah comel lah !!

memang sgt2 lah drama queen. :))

kirim salam kt opah k. hihi