Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Aiman =)

Today is my younger bro's birthday. Happy birthday Aiman!

Being raised in a family who is too cheap to celebrate birthdays, a "hoi bongok happy birthday" text message would suffice. Since i am such a good and loving older brother lemme kick it up a notch and dedicate a blogpost for this auspicious day.

Me and my younger brother wasn't that close when we grew up. Sebab jarak umur adalah lebih kurang 5 tahun (a rough estimation since i cant remember his exact age now.Ingat birthday dah cukup baik). I was closer to my older brother. For a while there were just two of us, me and Hanis.

So i was definitely have gotten used of having all the attention from le parents for the first few years growing up. When mama decided to get pregnant again with Aiman i wasn't thrilled. But luckily i got over my last-child-syndrome phase as soon as he was born because mama decided to popped out another 2 kids after Aiman. -____-

This was us. Photo taken circa 1997

Looking back at this picture i realize two things.

#1 : It was 1997 and i already nailed the duckface pose. That 5 days MC girl got nothing on me.

#2 : Once upon a time all of us were kurus. Now Aiman is the biggest in our family.

-sorry but this is your only kurus picture that i can find on facebook.

Aiman is definitely the most boleh harap one. Me and Hanis were top students during our primary school years. But we went downhill as soon as we enter secondary. Early bloomers sangat kann. But Aiman is the only one among us who manage to maintain his top student status throughout his school years. Pfft overachiever.

Plus with his religious school background dia je la yang boleh harap menghafal doa-doa dan sering tak miss sembahyang. I went to the same religious school as he did but only stayed for a week before i decided to ditch the place for a much cooler school in KL akibat hormon muda remaja yang mendambakan hiburan kotaraya.

Now he's all grown up (got awek some more) and will be flying off to Jordan to further his studies- 4 years course in dentistry. Memandangkan exam yang dah nak dekat most probably i wont be there to send him off at the airport. I might not be there in person, but my doa's are always with you.

But of all places, why on earth did he picked Jordan?- the decision that still baffles me. 
I was positive at first, mungkin panorama indah Jordan seperti dalam drama Nur Kasih mesti best satu family datang melawat dia tahun depan ni. Then i looked up on Tripadvisor for top three best hotel in Irbid, Jordan and this image came out.

Ermmm... maybe aku tunggu je la kau balik 4 tahun lagi.


Yatt said...
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FaiZaH Fyn said...

ingat birthday dah cukup baik haha..okey tau dah siapa cipta idea duckface tu :p

LynnAiza said...

ye ye je tu tggu dia balik je? tah2 ko jadik org pertama yg fly g Jordon lawat Aiman sbb rindu. hahaha

blup-blup said...

kirim salam tahniah.cikgu ade cakap dia da nak fly ritu. well,he's da boom among da boom!.

kak su said...

sikit punya baik ke bro.. siap dedicate entry for his bro lagii...

best adikbadik ramai kannn?

mummy liesya said...

memang seronok ada 4 lelaki n pandai-pandai belaka... saya pun tak leh nak imagine how your mother take care of you all kan, yelah lelaki kan lasak2... saya yang ada anak seorang lelaki nih... pening mengatur strategi ... hehehehe

Anyway Happy Birthday Aiman... Hopefully anak saya pandai macam Aiman ;D

rerehalim said...

semua pun pandai gila T_T
happy birthday aiman!

hatim a.r said...

@faizah:haruslah claim royalti

@lynn:pffft jordan.takde makna.baik pergi japan

@blup-blup:cikgu mana pulak ni haha.sekolah agama tepi kubur ke?

@kak su:sudah terang lagi bersuluh. best la jugak.tapi ni kira tak ramai sgt pun.baru 5,orang dulu2 sampai 10

@mummy liesya:manade pandai pun.dulu masuk sekolah kampung je tu yg konon2 menyerlah haha padahal....anak laki senang je jaga.tak caya tanya mak saya haha

@rerehalim:takde makna pandai.kalau setakat nak pass tu boleh la.tak termasuk kategori valedictorian pun

namivamp said...

you have been cursed with duck face.poor guy.

norhidana said...

epy belated bday utk aiman... selamat berjaya di jordan nnti

dayanaazhar:) said...

i thought u have sister?

EmyAmalina said...

Pernah masuk Shams lah dulu kiranya ni? Hahahaha okay, he's my senior. A year older before he entered SBP.

ting said...

cikgu razak lar. -..-

nur fareyhin said...

I m currently studying med in Jordan.Tak sangka adik tuan blog ni bakal fly Jordan juge.ahaa

btw,jumpe blog ni sbb bce trav. Korea etc

Fin-Fin said...

My cousin pun pergi Jordan untuk Dentistry jugak, dalam minggu ni. Under JPA kan?

Green Applez said...

wow! lucky one!!
congrats!! :D LOL

Green Applez said...

i wanna ask sumthing, did those pictures at the sidebar are urs? i mean is that u?
if it is, u have travel a lot? awesome!

~or is it edited? hee

hatim a.r said...

@dayana:tu yg adik tu sister le tu

@nur fareyhin:tq for dropping by


@green applez:why would i put a fake photos of myself on the sidebar lol.

Green Applez said...

haha okay~

HajarAS said...

Dr. Hatim, u shud visit Jordan, irbid in particular. Went there in 2010, though quite dusty, fell in love straight away. kebab was (sure still is) cheap, as with other food. if u like Dublin, u will like Irbid. bumi para anbiya ni memang banyak historical places to visit. I stayed at the hotel (al joude), may not be a 5 stars but comfortable, nothing fancy and close to kebabs hehe. in 2010, 1 dinar could buy u a nice lunch there. absolutely heaven.