Monday, June 24, 2013

Penang Vacation and Graduation Day

I know it's a bit basi dy, this whole graduation day stuff but i dont graduate from medschool i just have to write about it here. Bear with me people.

I was more excited about my family coming to Penang than the graduation ceremony itself. Mind you, sepanjang 2 tahun lebih belajar kat Penang my family has never come to visit, takde beza pun dengan belajar obersi. I iz very independent you know.Dulu datang Penang pun angkut barang sendiri takde maknannya makbapak nak hantar depan pintu.

So when they finally teringat that they have a son studying in Penang and he's graduating, they decided to do rombongan to Penang for the first time ever. There's a lot of much cheaper accomodations in Penang but i made them booked 3 rooms at Equatorial to sort of made up for neglecting me these past 2.5 years. Besides, the conferring ceremony was held at Equatorial so might as well..

-le parents

-L-R: neglected son, dentist to be,SPM leaver aka ex Coffee Bean worker,overweight architect,mommy dearest. Not in picture: youngest sister 

They only stayed for 1 night in Penang so itinerary dipenuhi dengan sight seeing dan makan. We went to Balik Pulau for durian, then from there drove straight to Feringghi, made a pit stop at Straits Quay and went to Kapitan for world's best cheese nan. Owh and we had lunch at Lineclear Nasi Kandar.

Luckily eldest brother has been to Penang many times so he acted as the tour guide. I cant be the tour guide due to my extremely poor sense of direction and also because my 2.5 years in Penang only revolved around 5 places- home,hospital,college,Gurney and Tesco. 

The conferring ceremony was on Sunday. It was nothing special, really. Because our college are so heavily influenced by Irish traditions, the graduation day for our college was nothing like other local uni. There's no gamelan, istiadat itu ini,hanky-panky and stuff. It's very simple, and fast. Sebab satu batch ada 100 lebih orang je, so the ceremony lasted for about 3 hours++.

-morning of graduation day

-no,im not tall. My parents are fun-sized.

-graduands with lecturers and Irish delegates

-with Gembo, ex INTEC classmate. One of the award receiver on that day.

Sadly, i had to leave early. It was a Sunday so my parents and brother have to go to work the next day. So takdelah lepak lama pun and i didnt take much photos with friends or lecturers. Takpelah kang banyak sangat gambar syahdu pulekk nak meninggalkan rakan kolej.

Hope to see you guys soon, fellow doctors!


Ayu Nurhaslina said...

Tahniah di atas kejayaan jihadmu :)

rehanayat said...

Alhamdulillah.. tahniah kerana berjaya diantara insan yang cemerlang. Tahniah utk kedua ibubapa juga.. best of luck!

Syira Mansor said...

Congrats Hatim.

Maicher said...

I've met your fun-sized dad once. He came to my campus, giving some sort of motivation(?) for us, trainee teachers.

Experience headmaster, he is.

Ah btw, congrats!

~ Cik Azz ~ said...

Ehh, adik pompuan ko tak datang ehh...?

Tahniah untuk semua..

NabeelahMurad said...

Congrats dah grad medschool!!! Doakan kitorang yang baru nak Professional 1 ni T_T

NabeelahMurad said...
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Siti Nadey said...


tu la hadiah sebenar tok ibu ayah!

norhidana miswan said...

tahniah dik, terserlah kehepian di wajah mak n ayah, walaupun diaorang tak dtg tgk anak nyer kt penang tu tp doa dr diaorg sentiasa ada kan...

paNavia said...

Tahniah, tahniah, tahniah.

Selamat menjadi doktor yang berkarisma. Uhuk2 (jerebu)

whitelilies island said...

tahniah bro

Putri Syahirah said...

tahniah, bro.! :)

Saya Suka Kata said...

Tahniahh Hatim.

Just curious, kenapa Hatim tak pakai mortar board?

mvp_dina13 said...

tepi sket..

wah... penuh ny tandatangan!
mahal tuuu..

brsemangat lebih sungguh lebih nak frame kan!

penat lelah kowrrrt~

hatim a.r said...

@saya suka kata:irish tradition.only girls wear em

Amirah Ahmad Zaki said...

tetiba terharu pulak tengok gambar with the caption morning of graduation day. Btw, congratulations!

Fatin Hidhayah said...

fuyooo semakin ensem ler... anyway, congrats said...


mvp_dina13 said...

tepi sket..

cik hatim!

mne post trbaru?
lme tggu ni~

Miss said...

Omo handsome doc! anyway!! Congratooo!!