Saturday, June 9, 2012

Minggu Emo: Snow White Dan Duda Kaki Botol

This whole week kinda sucks. Started my Public Health rotation which turned out to be Statistics 2.0. Belajar balik subjek statistic yang telah lama ditinggalkan sejak zaman A Level tapi dengan lebih mendalam dan juga melibatkan proses merekod data dengan menggunakan software yang sungguh tahi. To top it all off, setiap hari lecture super bosan 9 pagi hingga 4 petang.

And now we are in the process of developing questionnaires for our orang asli survey/research. Will be spending 5 days at an orang asli village somewhere in Perak T______T. Nak buat questionnaire ni satu hal jugak nak kena group meeting di luar waktu kelas. First meeting was at Mc Donalds sampai dekat pukul 12 malam.

Sibuk bincang pasal BMI,blood pressure orang asli padahal diri sendiri tengah melantak ayam goreng Mc Donalds. Super hypocrite,i know.

Minggu depan ni tak tau la lagi berapa kali nak buat group meeting malam-malam buta macamni. Kalau pagi takde kelas takpe lah jugak. Having to spend so much time doing things you have very little interest in is really depressing.

Lepastu tadi konon nak mengurangkan stress pergi tengok cerita Snow White and The Huntsman.

The movie sucks,big time. It was really awful i'd rather be in a group meeting discussing about my questionnaires than having to watch it again. The scene with the white deer in an enchanted forest or something- that was cheesy.

That is not the worst part of the movie. 2 words- Kristen Stewart. Bitch cant act. Even the horses in this movie display better acting skills. This is her ONLY expression throughout the movie;

You cant tell whether she is excited, feeling romantic, sad or just constipated. With that one facial expression she manage to convince a whole town to go against the super-gorgeous but extremely bitchy queen played by Charlize Theron. If your country is falling apart and your only hope lies in someone like Kristen Stewart, you are pretty much effed up. Believe it or not she led the whole army to war, a pretty ballsy move for someone who was nearly killed by a man with a bad haircut (those who have watched will know what im talking about)

Prestasi yang lebih teruk dari lakonan Neelofa dalam Cerekarama minggu lepas menyebabkan Charlize Theron kelihatan seperti overdoing it. Dia sorang je yang beria-ia berlakon padahal hero heroin utama chemistry pun takda.

Speaking of hero-heroin chemistry,another messed up part is when she woke up from death after the huntsman kissed her. Eventhough this is so predictable but i just cant accept the fact that her 'true love' is an alcoholic duda. What....a ridiculous twist on a classic tale.

After the movie we went to this restaurant called Winter Warmers. 

Ive read some quite good review about this place on the net and im calling it bullshit. The place looks like a shoplot in Nilai 3. The whole english deco was tacky-overload. If you are doing the whole english theme,please get a proper english teaset,not some il cheapo stuff you can find in Uptown.And the food sucks camel balls.

Banana chocolate waffle adela dalam 8-9 hirisan nipis pisang ditambah dengan RENJISAN chocolate sauce.If you look at the food pictures on the menu lagi sedih. Baik pergi Delicious makan chocolate brownies lagi bagus. Tambah pulak dengan waiter super rude pergh memang palang tempat ni dari senarai restoran pilihan.

Kepada anda di luar sana yang menginginkan weekend yang lebih bermakna sila jauhi Winter Warmers dan cancel saja niat menonton Snow White and the Huntsman. 



Miss said...

i know the feeling of doing 'questionnaire'..coz doin it now T.T..and yes..'salji putih' is suck!

Zinnirah Humaira said...

haha..i just love how u describe your true feeling in words.
the guy with the bad hair, i called him mushroom man coz his hair look no different than mushroom :P

anisizatyA.J said...

Yeah man, snow white sucks.

Siti Nur Hafiza said...

errr..mrh sungguh post kali ni.sbr2.

Fatim said...
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cik ungu said...

hahhha..i love the way u describe something...:)

Anonymous said...

winter warmers=tasteless food :/

hatim a.r said...

@miss:die la like this.dahlah lecturers bagi instruction putar alam

@zinnirah:kinda unfair no?considering the sister is super gorge.

@anis:kan?i had high hopes after watching the trailer.even charlize theron couldnt save this movie

@siti:takdela marah mana.saja meluahkan perasaan


@cik ungu:comes from the heart nih ecehh

@dylla:tasteless + tacky.lepastu ada hati nak feeling cafe eksklusif.puihh

Zinnirah Humaira said...
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arda said...


i ada emel dkt u (mintak pndpt).
nnt ada masa reply ok.

sempat lagi kan komen dkt belog ;)

sue aziz said...

iyerlah.. kristen apa ker ntah nama dia tu mmg takde expression lain ek muka dia.. baru je cadang nak tnegok, pakat tak jadilah kalu rupa ni..hik..

thanks for reviewing this movie!

Falahin Farn said...

it seems that most of your post now more to the negative sides. Cheer up :) believe me there are others feel super duper su*** but life goes on anyway >.<

maybe because Snow White is meant for girls( i super duper like it, way tougher woman than classic Snow White), boys are not allowed, Wahahaha!

Oimira said...

Charlize Theron was awesome though.