Monday, April 9, 2012

Kenapa Anda Tidak Perlu Tonton Titanic

Im doing Psychiatry now and its a total snoozefest. By the end of this rotation i'll probably end up being crazy myself. We have a weekly quiz on every Monday, so goodbye fun weekends.

-Yep,that's me reading Psychiatry textbook-while waiting,at a carwash T_T

So on Saturday night i decided that i had enough of studying cewah konfiden gila kau and went for a midnight screening of Titanic 3D. I've seen this movie before tapi saja suka buang masa nak tengok lagi.

And personally i think nobody should spend their precious moolah to watch this movie at the cinema. Here's why...

1) 3D my ass.
It's an old film, shot originally in 2D. When they converted it to 3D nothing spectacular to be expected. The whole purpose of re-releasing this movie is no other than to make James Cameron a few millions richer. Most of the time the only 3D part was the subtitle and as expected,the erotic part of the film was cut by Lembaga Penapisan. So no Kate Winslet 3D boobies for you pervs out there. Even if you take off your 3D glasses you won't see much difference.

2) Same old storyline
DUH. At the end of the movie the ship still sink, and Jack still mati beku.

It's still sad but somehow the emotion was not quite the same like waktu mula-mula tengok dulu. You will cry but not because of the sad ending, tapi sebab mengenangkan 17 ringgit melayang beli tiket cerita 3D yang tak berapa nak 3D.

3)Asshole audience
Disebabkan ini cerita lama and people kinda know the storyline already, bila sampai part-part yang macam bosan sikit tu mula lah asshole-asshole pawagam buat bising. There's this one Ah Beng sitting at front row who thinks he's so taiko that he can answer his phone in the middle of the movie. Orang-orang macamni elok kau rejam dengan Nokia 3310. Lepastu ada this one aunty who keep on yapping about how the 3D glasses gives her double vision. Seriously aunty, balik lipat kain la woi.

4) It's pretty damn long- 3hours
Walaupun dah pernah tengok, i forgot about how this movie gives Hindustan a run for their money. But the good thing is tak sedar pun dekat 3 jam duduk dalam tu , masuk pukul 12.15 habis 3 pagi. Yang tak bagusnya ialah bila kau ada kuiz the following Monday and you realize shoot! takde masa nak qada' tidur esok sebab nak cuba habiskan baca notes. Cuba, kata kunci di situ.

But on the other hand, those of you who has never seen this movie you should definitely go see it. Walaupun filem ini agak cekik darah but it's no doubt one of the best movie of our generation.


mia sha said...

wooow....ohsem ahh kamu hatim....sanggup tuuu....gudluck hatim ur quizzz.....

Tiara Fazlin said...

hatimmm! hahah sempat midnight movie esok nak quiz, ini genius

Izza-Crystal said...

Haha, terkejut gak tgk iklan tetiba kuar TITANIC movie. bila end of it ada plak 3D. Its one of the favvy movie last time. But so sad, i never want to watch it in 3D. Hehehe

fadz tennyson said...

memang betul pirasat aku; jangan-pegi-tengok-sebab-the-feelings/emotions/rasa-TAKKAN SAMA macam dulu.

Titanic 3D = Ombak Rindu *lepas khatam bberapa kali*

Tak rugi mengisi masa senggang dengan main pondok-pondok sebab blackout -.-"

Btw, gud luck fr your rotation! *walopon xtaw pape dalam bidang kau ni* :D

Anonymous said...

tak suka tengok 3d film kat cinema. spec berat GILA. lain ah kalau spec kertas haha

hatim a.r said...

@mia:bukan sanggup.terpaksa

@tiara:well what can i say.matila riak

@izza:one of my favourite movie too.but sadly i think this time around,the sole purpose for the release in 3D is just to make money. you can hardly see any 3D!

@fadz:mungkin sekarang dh kurang jiwengs

@dylla:spek kertas belakang kotak cornflake boleh la