Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hello, world.

It's been a while since i last updated this blog. Nothing exciting happened this past few months. Except for that one trip to Redang but the excitement was shortlived sebab lepas balik Redang terus pergi induction untuk kerja. Yep,i started working like 2 months ago.Justeru semangat mengupdate belog terhapus serta-merta.

Cita-cita untuk tinggal bersama ibubapa juga punah apabila ditempatkan di hospital di tempat yang terpaling 'disayangi'. Takpa kita cuba ikhlaskan diri.

Masuk-masuk kerja ditempatkan di wad yang terpaling busy dalam hospital. Hari ke 5 bekerja dah in charge of a whole cubicle, alone. I somehow survived lol. Sekarang setelah 2 bulan bekerja i think ive lost a few kilos together with my sense of humour.

Aaaaandd another thing that pisses me off is i still havent got my gaji yet. That's like 2 months of free labour. Dont give me the 'jangan kerja kerana wang' shit, i have rent and bills to pay.

Today is my off day, and im having 5 pieces of chicken nugget for breakfast cum lunch. Such, a glamorous life of a young doctor.

I shall write a proper blogpost IF i have free time,which wont happen soon. Because i dont have any off day next week. If i still dont get my pay by next week, somebody is going to be stabbed in the face.