Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Resolution

What make Malaysians happy other than public holidays and artery clogging foods?

Yes. The Year End Sale. This is our version of Boxing Day, shopaholics rejoice! Eventhough the price reductions are not as extreme as those during Boxing Day in UK, still....more reason to shop despite the poor economy and our 3 bulan bil Telekom tertunggak. PTPTN loan? pffftt

Some of you hipsters might say, owh im too cool to go crazy over some stupid Sale. But lemme tell you, judging from the crowd at Gurney Plaza yesterday- 98% of Malaysians terdiri dari pen-shopping tegar. That whole 'Ubah Gaya Hidup' talk by Muhyiddin Yassin clearly was a success.....not. Traffic jam di tempat parking adalah worse dari jam accident lepas terowong highway.

gambar hiasan:diambil dalam perjalanan balik ke Penang

As a good citizen, i just have to turun padang and do my part to support our country's economic growth. Besides, being the cheapskate that i am i dont buy stuff unless its more than 50% off so ini bukan pembaziran. That's how i survive 2.5 years in Dublin without having to ask for supplementary money from the parents. #bangga

Long story short,there i was...in front of the Items on Sale rack in Topman.
I scanned through every pieces.

Skinny Carrot Cut,
Skinny Jeans,
Vintage Skinny,
Spray on Skinny.

OK i get it. F U Topman. You used to be my favourite brand. Why are you discriminating me like this?

Still delusional, i grabbed one pair of chinos and tried it on. One word : Nangka.

Those 2 weeks stress induced binge eating during exam weeks has taken its toll on my body. Plus 3 weeks at home, surrounded with good food? Selamat jalan berat badan ideal.
With tears streaming down my cheeksI made my way to nearest sports store and bought myself these;

Jadi by the time Year End Sale untuk 2012, i will be able to slip into those damn pants effortlessly. Amen.


::FAIZ:: said...

bahasa Inggeris kamu bagus... anyway, hp new year

irma-ain ibrahim said...

in Penang dah ? lets Kennys Rogers !

FaiZaH Fyn said...

lepas ni pergi jungle trekking pakai sport shoes baru haha

norhidana said...

gambar jln2,mkn2 mana?pendek je entry nih heheheh...

LynnAiza said...

SELAMAT TAHUN BARU blogusang!keep blogging doc!ye tahu sibuk.okbai.haha.

Anonymous said...

shop like there's no tomorrow. haha.

mimi azila said...


Cik Azz said...

Orang kita memang suka sangat dengan sale2 ni.. Sanggup beratur sampai berjam2 lamanya..

Bangga weii dapat habiskan duit.. lol...

hatim a.r said...

@faiz:hp new year!

@irma:tak minat la kenny rogers.belanje sakae sushi ah haha

@faizah:mcm takde masa je nk trekking

@norhidana:malas la skrg nk ambik gambar food hehe.lgpun tgh bad mood sbb dh gemok huaa

@lynn:u too!

@dylla:there is tomorrow.and when tomorrow comes ill be broke

@mimi:tocei tocei

@cik azz:time ni je la pun nak beli baju seluar buat pegi lecture ngan hospital.sekali try tak muat.depress

shidaidris said...

ermmm, ermmm x nak cakap banyak. amin (1000times) baik x?